More thoughts on Opposite Action

For the time being at least – I do experience writing these little, random notes in this blog as helpful for myself – gives me a chance to reflect and check in with myself. Like: Where am I? Where am I going? Am I on the right track?

In all honesty I am going through pretty bad times right now. I struggle with burn out symptoms related to my work. And it is still a really big uphill struggle to overcome this. I dont want to go into detail about this right now, since I want to sleep soon.

Just one thought: Since I have read up upon DBT recently and read about “Opposite Action”, it has been working in my mind. I have thought and experimented with this a lot. Of course I have used methods/approaches like that before, but did not name it that.

But yes, in a way I find it a helpful reminder to check in regularly with myself throughout the day and ask: “What action right now will actually contribute most to my overall well-being?” Often I have to answer: “I really dont know. It seems there is nothing I can do. I am trapped.” But still – even contemplating for a moment this “positive action” (as I prefer to call it), shifts my energy in a better direction and I end up doing something positive at least in 50% of the cases I would say. But certainly directly correlates with the degree of sincerity I have been asking myself the question…


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