Check-in: Long long time ago

Wow – its been a long while.

In a way I want to say that this blog is not about BPD, but about healing and getting better. About becoming the best version of yourself. Learning to deal with your emotions. Learning to be true to yourself. Being sincere and considerate with others. Maybe most of all being happy. But it starts from a place of strong emotional instability. Still.


What means getting better today? It means learning to overcome my blockage right now.

I so much struggle currently, because of several things – mostly work related. But I think what I really struggle most with, is that I do not know how to process my strong emotions on these subjects – which leads to my emotions blocking me. Interestingly my emotions are so strong (fear and panic and helplessness), because of my emotions blocking me. Which obviously is a circular trap. But this trap is based on the experience and/or belief that I am not able by myself to process my emotions. Which in its absoluteness is not true. What is true is that it would be very much easier and more pleasant to process my emotions by talking to someone. But I do have two methods that make it possible to process my emotions by myself: 1) Writing it all out and 2)Speaking it all out.

I am unfortunately too tense right now to explain those two methods in detail. But I will do them for a while and then maybe later I can get back to this.

Strength to everyone & treat everyone the same way you would want to be treated. And if you cannot imagine yourself in someone else’s shoes, then make a sincere effort to do so.